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Shaping Company Purpose for Multiple Banners

Defining Sobeys Inc. Purpose & Behaviours

We are a community grocery store and customer service, quality and team work is very important here at my location. Our customers love our store because its fresh, full and clean. But most important they feel part of our store because the staff welcomes them with open arms and the customer senses a family team.

- East, Store Manager

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Sobeys Inc. business strategy changed and they wanted to signal a new day. They wanted to unify and inspire employees across more than 10 banners with a common company purpose.

While each banner promise creates an emotional connection with customers, Sobeys Inc. purpose work is all about creating an emotional connection with employees.

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Sklar Wilton & Associates added expertise in strategic advisory services, facilitation, and market research.

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Utilizing the results from an online discussion board with front-line employees, store managers and office staff, we uncovered insights about what inspires them to come to work everyday. With the aligned purpose and values in place, Sklar Wilton & Associates helped Sobeys Inc. to enculturate it across all banners via a video. We created a detailed brief grounded in research insights to launch the updated purpose with excitement in order for it to ‘live on’ as part of the organization’s onboarding.

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Sklar Wilton & Associates helped the organization to define and launch their purpose. We landed on a compelling, inspiring, and differentiated purpose that works for all 17 banners and helps to connect them together.  This work has been greeted with enthusiasm and has led to the development of an external facing employee brand.

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