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Turbo Charging Fuel and C-Store

Parkland was looking to deepen their understanding of the market and the key factors driving consumer preferences.

The market and customer segment research that was done has been incredibly valuable in helping to align stakeholders on what matters most to our customers. The clarity that this work has brought forward allows us to be more confident and purposeful in our broader go to market strategies.”

- Shelley Girard, Customer Insights and Marketing Director, Parkland.

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Parkland is in the fuel and convenience retail business in North America and the Caribbean. Canada represents their largest market and operates with brands like Chevron, Ultramar, Pioneer, Fas Gas Plus, On the Run, and Marché Express.


With multiple brands across different regions, Parkland was looking to deepen their understanding of the market and the key factors driving consumer preference to better serve their current customers and attract new ones. The approach should scale efficiently considering the market differences and contribution to their business

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Parkland partnered with Sklar Wilton & Associates to dive deeper into their core customer and understand unique market differences. We facilitated a number of strategic workshops to engage stakeholders and tease out research hypotheses. A market segmentation study was conducted to better understand the current state of the Canadian fuel and convenience store market and identify the most valuable consumer segments, their perceptions about brands within this space, and their drivers of choice.

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Our research uncovered that there were different types of consumers based on their engagement with their car, the type of fuel they use, their sensitivity to price, and their convenience store needs. We were able to crystalize who and how to win in the Canadian market for each of the fuel and convenience store brands.

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The insights gained through our work together with Parkland have been used to prioritize strategic endeavors, support marketing communication efforts, guide product development, and accelerate their loyalty program. The process, learning, and segmentation model were implemented effectively in Canada as well as the Bahamas, Barbados, and Puerto Rico.

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