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Launching A Meaningful New Brand

Saint Elizabeth’s online support business: “Elizz” for caregivers

SW&A has been invaluable to Saint Elizabeth Health Care. They led our consumer outreach on our new Elizz brand which drove key insights resulting in service and pricing selection, advertising positioning and online user experience decisions.


- Richard Bicknell, Director of Brand and Markets, Saint Elizabeth

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Saint Elizabeth is a national health care provider delivering a wide variety of caregiving services, including seniors living, nursing, personal care, and rehab therapy. Saint Elizabeth identified the opportunity for a new online business that would provide simple solutions to support the growing needs of unpaid caregivers, e.g., family caregivers, and the loved ones they support.

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Sklar Wilton created and executed a plan to help Saint Elizabeth gain a strong understanding of the needs of caregivers and how best to support them. Beginning with a facilitated work session, the team prioritized potential opportunities and built research hypotheses.

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Through research, we confirmed that caregivers had significant unmet needs in terms of providing care for their loved ones, and we identified specific challenges and stresses that many caregivers were experiencing. Given the facilitation and research inputs, we identified the key opportunities for Saint Elizabeth to support both caregivers and their loved ones needing care. This included identifying how to communicate with them in a meaningful way, and what products and services they most needed.

Parkland was looking to deepen their understanding of the market and the key factors driving consumer preferences.


After the launch of the newly developed Elizz brand, reactions to the website were evaluated and used to optimize it. The insights drove key decisions leading to the successful launch of Elizz online services, including building optimal product and service offerings, creating pricing strategies and creating an easy to use and accessible website. After one year of services, Elizz has been accessed by 450 000 family caregivers across Canada.

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