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Debra Kavchak-Taylor as the newest Partner at Sklar Wilton & Associates

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

A Legacy that Lives On: Helping Others Succeed!

37 years ago, Luke Sklar decided he wasn’t cut out for the corporate world and set out to create a different kind of company. A company without pretense or politics – simply focused on bringing the best and brightest minds together to solve tough business challenges and help others succeed.

A few years later, he convinced Charlie Wilton to come on board and Sklar Wilton was born!

With that, it gives us immense pleasure to announce the appointment of our newest partner, Debra Kavchak-Taylor.

“I have had a long relationship with Sklar Wilton and can truly say they are the smartest and kindest people I have ever worked with. The clients we work with are best-in-class, and the work we do with them really makes a difference. I am humbled to be joining the incredible Partner team and look forward to the next chapter with this special company.” - Debra

Debra exemplifies the values of Sklar Wilton and embodies our futureproofing strategy of preserving the core while leading change. She was actually our client while working at Molson Coors as she climbed the ranks to VP Marketing. Debra had a great track record as a results-oriented, people-first, brand builder and it was clear she would be a great fit for Sklar Wilton. After her time at Molson Coors, Debra went on to work in the agency world to hone her skills in building brands. Just before the pandemic, the stars finally aligned when Debra joined our team as Managing Director. Since then, she has won the hearts and minds of both the team and our clients with her fresh thinking and passion for helping others succeed.

“Debra has become a great extension to our team in helping to shape and guide strategies through workshops, challenging team thinking and keeping everyone focused as projects are worked through,” said Allison Litzinger, then VP Marketing, Brand, Customer and Loyalty for Hudson’s Bay. “We have loved working with Debra. She’s a pleasure professionally and on a personal level as well.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Debra join us in this capacity and continue the legacy of Sklar Wilton & Associates of Helping Others to Succeed.

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