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Everything is Marketing – A Bump in the Road

Lessons for marketers on how to deal with setbacks.
By Amber Hudson
Last week my 6 year old broke her arm.  One running cartwheel on a sunny summer afternoon and… Read more »


Behind the Shelf – What Women Want

A Blog Series on Shopper Marketing
By Cyndi Pyburn
Did you know that 4 out of 5 Canadian women say marketers just don’t get them?  With tremendous buying power not… Read more »


How to Solve Big Problems: Lessons learned from Cancer Scientists

Starting small helps to solve cancer…and can help to solve business problems too.
Click HERE… Read more » to read the full article from JamesClear.com


Who won off the pitch at the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Three awards for the best brand activations.
By Manoj Raheja
When the World Cup kicked off on June 12th, we shared a point of view… Read more » on the growing trend of


Everything is Marketing – Brands as the World’s Greatest Waiter

Lessons on earning that 20% tip.
By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson
Inspired by Gloria’s blog… Read more » about great service in restaurants we got to talking about how a server is


Behind the Shelf – ‘Web-rooming’ in Canada

A blog series on Shopper Marketing.
By Cyndi Pyburn
There has been much attention lately in the retail world about the notion of ‘showrooming’ – customers go to the store,… Read more »

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At SW+A we believe that by fostering strong connections with our clients we can provide them with better value and more meaningful results. Our long standing relationships with our clients, some more than 20 years, are a testament to the merit of this belief. Our team of dedicated associates is passionate about making SW+A a great company, inside and out. We help each other succeed by leveraging our internal think-tank and “Power of 32″ to achieve mutual success alongside our clients.