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Everything is Marketing – A Week of Shaken Brand Foundations

Lessons learned from Renee Zellweger and Jian Ghomeshi
By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar
We’re currently baring witness to two celebrities who’ve had their brands shaken to the core.
Let… Read more »

Measuring Success 1

The $245,000 price tag for raising an American child, in 5 charts

A great article showing how parents spend on their children and how this has changed over time.
Click HERE… Read more » to read the full article from vox.com


Hermione Granger Drops the ‘F-Bomb’

What is the role of corporations in the quest for gender equality?
By Swhitty in the City
No not that ‘F-bomb’, but perhaps an even more controversial ‘F’ word of… Read more »


Everything is Marketing – U2′s Recipe for Arrogance Pie

Lessons from U2’s iTunes blunder.
By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar
Back in September, at the iPhone and Apple Watch launch event, U2 announced they would “gift” their latest album,… Read more »


Brands We Love – President’s Choice

How a private brand became one of Canada’s most influential.
By Jeanie Hendrie
The mandate of Brands We Love is to expose the unknowns. To celebrate great brands that no… Read more »


Behind the Shelf – Rewarding Retailers & Brands that Capture Shopper Imagination

A blog series on Shopper Marketing
By Cyndi Pyburn
When Amazon can sell almost anything, deliver it on the same day, and for less money than you can find it… Read more »

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