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P32: Living Your Beliefs

P32: More Powerful than a Google search
By Gloria Hong
Question: What are some examples of companies that excel in living their beliefs/philosophy across the entire organization (e.g. Disney, Nordstrom)?… Read more »


Everything is Marketing – Marketers, are you S.O.B.E.R?

A lesson on how to react in the face of a challenging situation.
By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar
You’ve felt it before, that negative rush of emotion when faced… Read more »


S32: Will you Dare to Dream Too?

By Erin Dunsmuir
Here at SW+A we’re thinking a little differently about employee engagement. We call our approach “Spirit of 32” and this blog series will chronicle our journey. We’ll… Read more »

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P32: Brand Names Leveraged into New Categories

P32: More Powerful than a Google search
By Gloria Hong
Question: I’m looking for examples of brand names that were able to extend into a new category despite the fact… Read more »

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More Powerful than a Google Search: P32

How more really is better.

By Gloria Hong
You’re working on a problem and you think to yourself – “Why am I re-inventing the wheel for this? Someone must have… Read more »


Discounts are piled on for the basics

The new value equation: consumers say no to price increases.
Click HERE… Read more » to read the full article from the Wall Street Journal.

At Sklar Wilton + Associates, we are passionate marketers and brand builders. Our consulting services fuse marketing and market research with strategic facilitation and innovation to yield clarity, action and positive ROI for our clients. We help our clients identify their target market, define brand positioning and brand strategy, develop marketing programs, and measure success using the right metrics. We also provide insight on how our clients can better engage their organization and demonstrate leadership through commitment and passion.
At SW+A we believe that by fostering strong connections with our clients we can provide them with better value and more meaningful results. Our long standing relationships with our clients, some more than 20 years, are a testament to the merit of this belief. Our team of dedicated associates is passionate about making SW+A a great company, inside and out. We help each other succeed by leveraging our internal think-tank and “Power of 32″ to achieve mutual success alongside our clients.