Why having a best friend at work can help you succeed.

By Manoj Raheja

I once read that the 3 most important factors in job satisfaction are:




  1. Having clear direction on your role and responsibilities
  2. Then having the tools to actually be able to execute against it
  3. And…having a best friend at work

A penny for your thoughts dear blog reader?  I’ll bet your mind is already going through a series of flashbacks for how the first two have come into play in your professional career, and perhaps you’re nodding with me… “Yeah…that does drive my satisfaction.”  But the 3rd one might be new for you.  Intuitively it makes sense.  If you have a best friend at work then you might have more fun.  But what if it’s more than that?  What if there was scientific proof of physiological and psychological benefits?  Check out this excerpt from an article in today’s National Post about the impact on children when they are with their best friends.

In a recent study at Concordia University, and published in the latest issue of the journal Developmental Psychology, Dr. William Bukowski discovered that having a best friend at a young age proved to be both physiologically and psychologically beneficial.

Setting up base at local Montreal schools, Bukowski asked participants in Grades 5 and 6 to keep a journal and answer questions about their feelings multiple times each day, for four consecutive days.  Students then submitted saliva tests in order to monitor their levels of cortisol, a hormone that is produced by the adrenal gland in direct response to stress.  In the end, participants who were with their best friends showed lower levels of cortisol during stressful situations.

To read the rest of the article – click here. 

So if this is true for kids, then why wouldn’t it be true for Adults?  What does a stressful work situation look like when you’re with your peers vs. if one of those peers is someone you consider a really good friend?

So what does this mean for you?  Don’t be afraid to take a time out and search for your work best friend.  It’s not about forcing it…but in an age where we’re running from meeting to meeting – take a time out and get to know a colleague over lunch.  If you happen to click – great – if not – then keep moving.  A best friend at work can help you manage stress, increase work satisfaction, and likely do a whole host of other good things!

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