In a time of consumer skepticism, we celebrate brands leaving no doubt of their brand benefit.

By Manoj Raheja

“We don’t have many honest people in life right now.  Our athletes lie to us, our celebrities lie to us, our politicians lie to us, even the media lie to us.”

Bob Greenblatt – Chairman of NBC

Such a sad statement but so painfully true.  It’s a contributing reason we live in the era of skepticism that we do.  So as marketers – if your consumer is starting from a place of doubt – how do you ensure you get your brand promise across and leave no questions about its validity?  Perhaps one trick is to think like a lawyer.  How can I prove my brand benefit beyond a reasonable doubt?

An excellent case study is Blendtec, which is best noted for its Will It Blend?  viral marketing campaign, where they blend ridiculous products that you would never blend (including iPods, iPhones, marbles, Golf Balls, remote controls), but that leaves you with no doubt that this blender can blend anything!  Here’s a video of them blending an iPad

Another interesting example is Festina, a watch maker company.  They came out with a line of waterproof watches and actually sell the watches in this packaging!

Any doubt that it works under water?  Didn’t think so.

Congrats to these brands for proving their benefit beyond a reasonable doubt.  Think about your brand…how might you prove your brand benefit beyond a reasonable doubt?  These brands figured it out…and that’s what makes their story cool!