By: Jennifer Marley

My first interaction with the Reebok Brand was in the 80’s as a (gasp) aerobics instructor.  And while it was part of my uniform, I was so proud to wear those pink Reeboks.  So imagine my surprise when I received Reebok’s email today featuring shoes almost like those 80’s originals.

My first instinct was to question this.  Can Reebok really do this?  Will it undermine the credibility they’ve built with the much tougher, stronger image they’ve cultivated through their association with CrossFit?  A colleague of mine familiar with the brand challenged me to think bigger on this.  Their home page proves this can be done.  They understand fit women!  I love the icons by sport.  I love the sentiment ‘Express your Strong.  Flexibility to be Free and Fierce’.  Today’s fit woman does more than one thing!  She might do CrossFit, sure, but she is also training, doing yoga and she might be a runner as well.  This site encourages her to embrace all of these aspects of herself while connecting to her inner spirit…and still allowing her to wear things like colour to inspire her.  Who doesn’t want to look and feel good while they exercise?

Well done Reebok.  May your brand continue to thrive.