Every other Monday, the SW+A bloggers meet to discuss marketing news and other worldly topics, including Justin Bieber, LOLcats and strategies for effective workplace swearing. While my colleagues sound off on the latest in news, trend and gossip, I find myself scribbling feverishly in an attempt to capture just a few of the many insights that come out of each discussion. Monday Morning Leftovers is our way of sharing out a handful of these thought starters that never make it to print.

By Jeanie Hendrie

Runnin’ Down a Dream: On Monday, we all watched as the OPP chased a man driving a stolen tractor-trailer for five-hours across southern Ontario. First, it made us laugh. Then, it made us wonder…what is so captivating about running away? Did this guy miss out on that pivotal childhood experience of packing his blanket and teddy in a lunchbox and taking off for an hour before realizing that Mum doesn’t serve mac & cheese to the neighbourhood park…or, is there more to it than that? For one angle, check out Tasman’s latest blog on fantasy and escapism in the online world.

Blogging Best Practices: Keep it short and sweet. Focus on those Top 10 lists and infographics. And post often. Very often.

Community Engagement: The Winnipeg Free Press has permanently stationed 3 of its employees at a branded café in the centre of the city – the public can come in, sit down, buy a coffee…but they can also engage the writers in conversation. We’re interested in understanding their strategy here – what does success look like? Sounds pretty cool to me…I’ll take a Tall Skim Latte, with a side of Christie Blatchford.