A life lesson from Pope Benedict.

By Sarah Liverance

With news of this magnitude, there are always countless backstories, opinions and perspectives. So when it comes to Pope Benedict XVI’s retirement, resignation, whatever you choose to call it, I can’t help but admire, I mean really admire him for one thing: realizing he’s been stuck in a job he doesn’t really love. He’s had eight years (or arguably 85) to think about what he’s great at and what he loves doing. Clearly, evangelizing his way out of the mess the Catholic church is in, managing a public persona and riding around in the Popemobile aren’t things that he’s great at or loves doing. This is a man that tried to resign three times before he ever got talked into heading the Vatican in 2005. Even at that time he was yearning for solitude – the chance to spend his time writing, praying and meditating. I can only imagine how tough the last eight years have been for a man who deserves to finally get his just desserts.

So hat’s (or mitre – look that one up) off to you, Emeritus Pope! May we all have the self-awareness to know what we’re great at and what we love to do along with the courage to speak up and change what needs changing. Taking responsibility for our destiny may not mean resigning – it might just mean having a chat with our manager and working together to ensure our days include more of what we’re great at and what we love doing.