By Jennifer Marley

Last year I wrote a blog on Happy…and how to get there.  It was a time when the youth violence in Britain was exploding, bringing up questions on how we as a society could be doing more to engage youth positively and constructively.

Enter Adidas and the Olympics.  Adidas and their agency (Canada’s Sid Lee) understood that London’s youth was not connected to ‘rich man’ Olympics.  Given that Adidas has committed to Olympics in a large way, Adidas and Sid Lee have created a campaign designed to connect to youth in the 32 boroughs of London.  See more on this outstanding initiative here.

I thought it would be worth recapping the points outlined in The Happy Movie by Director Roko Belic.   The movie outlines ways that each of us can control and add to our happiness.  While genetics accounts for about half of the factors that contribute to our happiness, socioeconomic factors account for a lot less than you’d think.  It is true that some of Britain’s youth might be below the poverty line.  Happiness does go up with income, but stops once household income reaches $50k.  After $50k HH is reached, happiness is predicted by other factors.  Some of these include:

–          Community involvement and interactions with others of all ages.

–          Being outside and in nature.

–          Being physically active.

–          Doing something that you love doing…getting in Flow with that activity

–          Feeling a sense of Purpose…especially in Helping Others.

As marketers, there is a lot we can do to create happiness.  The Adidas Olympics campaign is an excellent example of this….by creating Community Involvement moments and leveraging these to inspire others.

Does your customer service make your customers’ feel better or worse?  Does your Brand truly make a difference in their lives?  Either by increasing utility or even entertainment?  How about your company culture?  Do you focus on Employee Engagement?  It is worth thinking about how to increase Happiness for your Brand and your Employees.  If everyone is in pursuit of happiness at all touch points, then you can not only make the world a better place…but your business revenue will improve as a result.

As shown on the website, “With happiness, the more you have the more everyone has!”  As marketer’s, let’s all do our part.

One word, one action, one thought can reduce another person’s suffering and bring that person joy. ~Thich Nhat Hanh