How cat memes can help you connect with your consumers.

 By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

Every day it seems there’s a new cat meme flying across my inbox. Google jumped on that bandwagon years ago and used them in their Nexus ad.  Here’s what I’m talking about…


I KNOW…WTF right!?

So Luke and I were sitting here trying to figure out…what is up with cats? Why are they put into embarrassing, stupid, absurd and hilarious situations more so than any other animal and we can’t seem to get enough of it? 

What we figured is humans crave mystery and for millennia we’ve had a fascination with these mysterious cats.  Cats are smart, serene, silent and a little slinky.  They keep us guessing what’s going on in that little head of theirs.  They look at us with disdain in their eyes and a superior smirk on their face yet we still love and revere them (let me pause here and point out both Luke and I love cats; I own an orange tabby named Riley and Luke has 2 ginormous Maine Coons named Oliver and Willow.  And all 3, without fail, remind us who really owns the house). 

So, maybe, when we get a chance to take cats down a notch by putting them in ridiculous situations maybe we feel a little better about ourselves. 

Dogs, however, are part of the family, one of the kids.  They are cute but more like the goofy little brother. You don’t want to purposely put your kid in a humiliating position.  Dogs essentially are a cheap date.  It’s heartwarming to look at them, but to laugh at dogs seems a little mean.

So what does a cat wrapped in a blanket have to do with marketing you ask?  

  • Like cats, brands need to keep consumers guessing. Be smart, be spontaneous, but don’t give it all away. Use the power of storytelling and creative brand messaging to keep the mystery alive.
  • As superior as you may think your brand is, don’t take it too seriously. The customer experience is reality. 
  • And don’t suck up to your consumers like a dog sucks up to its owner. Like a cat, you need to earn their respect.