How can Tebow/FAITH help your business?

By (Guest Writer) Manoj Raheja

My blog colleagues Luke and Amber write this series entitled “Everything is Marketing.”  They pick seemingly non related business topics and teach the marketing lesson – it’s a perfect combination of brilliant and hysterical!  They’ve managed to cover off Bieber, the Pope, Porn, Charlie Sheen, and even the current subject of Mr. Tim Tebow .  Well enough is enough – I can’t let them have all the fun!  They’ve graciously allowed me to take a stab at writing under their series as a guest writer…so here goes!

After Denver’s miraculous win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in yesterday’s AFC Wildcard Game – I like so many others want to chime in on the “Tebo-conversation.”  For those of you who don’t know the Tebow story – let me recap it in 60 seconds or less. 

  • Tim Tebow continues to be one of the most fascinating yet polarizing figures in sports, media, today (and both the fascination…and the polarization will only grow). 
  • The Lovers say: This guy has conviction in his views and values, and he’s the real deal as a person; it’s Faith over Football and he’s using Football as his platform to spread the message of his Faith; Regardless of his skill (or religious views), he has the intangibles – the will to win!  He simply wins games (In College, and now the NFL). 
  • The Haters say: Stop being so preachy and overt about your religious views; you’re more of a running back than a quarterback; with that footwork you’ll never be an NFL pocket passer. 
  • The Numbers say: 7 wins and 3 losses as a starter (after the team started 1-4) enabling a trip to the playoffs; 316 passing yards and 3 TD’s (2 Passing, 1 Rushing) in his first playoff game – a win over the highly decorated Pittsburgh Steelers. 

After yesterday’s game, the puns about the “miraculous” and “supernatural” way he wins only gains steam.  I have to admit – it’s almost eerie when you read this next stat.  In his first playoff game – He passed for 316 yards, and set an NFL playoff record with 31.6 yards per completion.  What’s the significance of the numbers 316?

For Christians, John 3:16, is arguably the single most important verse in the Bible. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

If you can believe it – he used to paint these numbers on his face before games and even signs off his fan letters with them as seen on his website. 

Shall I also mention that the owner’s name is John Elway.  Sheesh!  I couldn’t make this up if I tried! 

After all that – it’s hard not to believe in some divine intervention this past Sunday (Sunday…how appropriate!).  So did he get some help?  And what exactly can business people learn from this?  

I don’t know if he got help from up above, but I would like to make the case that he got help from all those around him.  Tim Tebow puts his FAITH in Jesus Christ.  The Denver Broncos have put their FAITH in each other. 

  • The coaching staff and offensive coordinator muster up the FAITH to build a unique game plan around the strengths and weaknesses of their prolific quarterback 
  • In post-game interviews the team has FAITH in their quarterback, defending him against the pundits who blast his ability on the field 
  • The wide receivers go through the motions of running their routes every single play and have the FAITH that just one of those times – their fiery quarterback will make one great pass (that sports pundits say he can’t make) that will lead to a team victory (while their counterparts on other teams are making 7-8 catches per game) 
  • The field goal kicker who FAITHFULLY goes out kicking field goal after field goal helping them win games 
  • An outstanding Defense, who has the FAITH that their hard work will soon be recognized too 

So what are the lessons learned from Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos?  You guessed it – FAITH! 

  1. Have FAITH in the team.  Every player has a role on the team and each of them brings special skills that help the full team achieve their goals.  Devise a game plan that gets the most from your team. 
  2. Have FAITH in each other.  Have each other’s backs in the quest of your goal.  It goes without saying that you shouldn’t throw people under the bus…but even more than that – it’s about defending your team when someone else tries to attack them.  This builds trust and is the true sense of a team. 
  3. Have FAITH in the plan.  The Denver Bronco’s at 1-4 built a unique game plan based on the strengths they did have, and became a scrappy challenger brand.  They were told it wouldn’t last and that other teams would figure it out (clearly teams are still trying – just ask one of the premier defensive teams in the league – The Pittsburgh Steelers).   

So was it Faith in a higher power, or was it Faith in a team, that led the Bronco’s to victory – perhaps we’ll never know.  But then again – next week they play the New England Patriots and the game is on SATURDAY night.  You-Know-Who typically only watches football on Sunday (his day of rest :)).

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