Building Customer Service in today’s social media obsessed world.

By Jennifer Marley

Watching my 14 year old daughter and her friends juggle bbm messages and texts is not for the faint of heart. It could be an Olympic sport. They sit together and text separately…often to the same people. The dexterity and multi-tasking is incredible. And then…devastation sets in….one of them has been ‘R-Bombed’. In the world of Blackberry Messenger (BBM), you set a ‘D’ beside each message once successfully delivered, and an ‘R’ beside each after message has been read. To see the telltale ‘R’ and not receive a reply can be devastating. It doesn’t seem to matter that the message content “Hi…“ may not be reply worthy…the fact is, you’ve been ignored.

For Marketers, the lesson is clear. Recently, the basic questions are popping again…marketers are being asked ‘Does it really make sense for our Brand to be engaging in Social Media?’ or ‘How will I know if our investment in the manpower to run this will payback?’ While measuring ROI on any marketing activity is difficult…it is easy to measure the impact of a negative experience. Customers used to tell 10 friends…now they can tell 10,000 with one simple tweet or post.

Customers who reach out with a question or blast out a complaint can be turned around with quick and helpful customer service to resolve their issue. In fact, recent stats show that a customer’s ratings of a Brand (likelihood to recommend) are even higher after a complaint has been successfully resolved than scores where a complaint never occurred.

So whether we want to spend the time to manpower our Brand on social media is really a matter of damage control. The minimum requirement of customer service must be met. There is lots of upside to engaging customers and building loyalty through social networks and ROI can be actively debated…but the minimum standard must be met… ‘R-Bombing’ our customers is not the best Brand Building option.

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