By Jennifer Marley

What is it about “Big Data” these days?  I haven’t gone more than a few days in the past 3 months without hearing this term!  So it got me thinking…there is always a buzzword that gets the whole marketing community twisted into a knot.  And they are funny to look back on.  So we’ve compiled a timeline of marketing ‘words de jour’.  In each case, these were felt to be the ‘big problem that we absolutely must understand better; spend time on; have a plan for; have a policy to deal with etc..  Did I miss any?  Please feel to add them in the comments string.

Oh ya…yes, you actually do need a plan for how you are going to handle “Big Data”…even if it is an annoying buzzword.  First of all, you need a strategy.  Who is your Target Customer?  What do you want them to DO?  Therefore, what data should you even be collecting?  How will you store the data and keep it clean?  How will we take Action to leverage the data to influence our Target Customers?  Then it comes down to smart people analyzing the data for patterns and insights.  We believe that having hypotheses to prove or disprove makes for better analytics.  Test and Learn is another excellent approach.  Have any other tips?  Share them here.

Some marketing Buzzwords that spawned Company Projects


The World Wide Web (I kid you not)

DPP (Direct Product Profitability)

TSS (Total System Efficiency)




Mass Customization

Change your Paradigm; Thinking Outside the Box

Go To Market Strategy


Y2K (last night a 19 year old asked me…what is Y2K?)


KMS (Knowledge Management System)

Employee Engagement

Customer Touchpoint; Moments of Truth; in fact…all things Customer Experience

Crowd Sourcing; Co-creation

Social Media; SEO; Mobile; in fact…all things Digital.  The most irritating…’SoLoMo’.


Content Management System; Cloud

Shopper Marketing

Showrooming; Omnichannel

Big Data