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Amber Hudson

As a Director at SW&A working with the Molson Consumer Insights team, Amber loves uncovering those nuggets of consumer insight that help the client truly understand their consumer and as a result make a difference to their business. At SW&A Amber finds herself surrounded by inspiring people driving her to produce better results for her clients and for herself. Outside of work Amber has a new-found love of running and takes part in various races in Toronto to raise money for charity. Amber and her husband Jon have a 3 year old daughter, Reese, and feel lucky they skipped Terrible Twos but are nervous the Terrible Threes are on the horizon.


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Ashley Fernandes

If it involves technology, you can bet that Ashley is involved. Her role as Office Services Coordinator keeps her busy with a variety of administrative tasks. Ashley can mostly be found doing IT support and troubleshooting, financial administration and event planning as well as the Administration of this very website and multiple Corporate Social Media profiles.

For Ashley, the best thing about working at SW&A since 2008 is being surrounded by such a great group of intelligent and funny people that she’s constantly learning from.

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Barb Paszyn

As a Purple Label™ Research Associate at SW&A, Barb is able to exercise her qualitative and quantitative research skills. She uses both sides of her brain and wouldn’t dream it any other way. When not dreaming, she project manages, moderates, analyzes and makes imperative insights. All in an effort to help companies grow and evolve through her keen eye for detail and passion to seek consumer truths.

Research isn’t her only passion however. Barb’s land-based hobbies include kickboxing and traveling. When not on land, you can find Barb scuba diving with giant mantas, dolphins and – if she can summon the courage – sharks.

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Carol Chong

Carol is a proponent of sabbaticals, working from Starbucks and finding her inner Zen in a chaotic world.

As a Director at SW&A, Carol lives for problem solving. Her passion shines through as she navigates groups through complex challenges. She strives for clarity to get to the right action plan.

A combination of ‘Sage’ and ‘Explorer’, Carol loves travelling to mystical places in the world where she can meditate and practice Tai Chi.

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Charlie Wilton

Charlie’s passion for gardening turned into a hobby rather than a profession. But his passion to “help make things grow” did translate well into a career in marketing, consulting and insight.

Whether it’s the growth of the SW&A team or his client’s business Charlie takes great pride in helping and enabling others to succeed. The best part of his job is working with an exceptionally talented team who collectively add clarity and drive more effective decision making for some of Canada’s best known and most respected brands.

When he’s not “gardening”, Charlie enjoys exploring the world with family and friends on his skis, with his camera, online, and via good old fashioned print.

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Chasson Gracie

Chasson is a Director at SW&A and multiple industry award-winner, including two David Ogilvy Awards for Research Excellence (Gold, Research Achievement and Gold, Multicultural). Beginning his career in market research, he quickly discovered an aptitude for understanding numbers, making predictions and developing unique strategies — skills that led directly to a move into strategic planning. Chasson worked at various advertising agencies for nearly a decade as an account/strategic planner before launching his consulting practice to help C-suite and marketing executives develop smart, actionable decisions. 

When not busy helping clients address business, strategic and research planning challenges, Chasson can be found directing documentaries that investigate contemporary North American culture and its impact on society.

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Cyndi Pyburn

Although Cyndi’s current business card reads Director – it should probably read “Plethora of Insights” because she’s had the pleasure of working with many different clients across many different industries (including retail, restaurant, and entertainment). Cyndi has a strong focus on consumer insights and shopper marketing, and loves the variety of business challenges and opportunities to help facilitate great thinking with clients. She also gives back to the company by managing SW&A University, writing the Shopper Marketing blog series ‘Behind the Shelf’ and planning the off-site team building event.

Outside of work, Cyndi enjoys time with her family and can be found in the great outdoors doing a multitude of activities from running and biking, to hiking, snowshoeing and skiing, and religiously walking her Standard Poodle who is 10 going on 3! Her latest ventures are related to travel.

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Debbie Dunbar

As Director, Office Services, Debbie’s job allows her to positively influence the corporate foundation, from facility and operations management, financials to HR and diverse other challenging corporate initiatives. Debbie’s personal belief in continual self-enrichment is perfectly aligned with the progressive SW&A culture.

Debbie, originally from Toronto, has also worked extensively in Germany and France and has a long career in bilingual and trilingual environments. Not surprisingly, her passions include international travel, languages and history.

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Denis Tomany

Denis, a key member of SW&A’s in-house research provider (Purple Label™), enjoys finding insights and meaningful stories in the vast amounts of consumer data he analyzes.

In addition, Denis takes a strong interest in searching for and evaluating new research techniques and suppliers as part of the SW&A New Research Methods Team.

Denis loves to read, hike and garden, however his passion is baseball. He is a long suffering Blue Jays fan.

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Erin Dunsmuir

Erin is the newest Director at Sklar Wilton, and she feels right at home already. This is her kind of place: smart, friendly people working together to provide great client service. She has even found some kindred spirits that understand her insatiable need for critical paths and to-do lists!

Erin has jumped right in to keep up with the fast pace of her client, Canada Bread. That pace continues after hours as well, as she races to keep up with her husband and 2 kids, her lively Beach neighbourhood, and her unrelenting goal to get all those digital photos of family and travels organized into photo books. Another project for the to-do list!

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Gloria Watson

As a Project Manager at SW&A, Gloria is a visual thinker, proactive problem solver and all-around creative collaborator.

From writing consumer friendly concepts to creating inspiring stimuli, Gloria also works with the Purple Label Qualitative Research Team to uncover rich insights and deliver visually impactful reports.

Gloria is an enthusiastic blogger for SW&A, combining her passion for food with straight-up marketing lessons. When she’s not indulging in Toronto’s vibrant food scene, Gloria loves spending time with her husband and their precocious basset hound.

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Jeanie Hendrie

As an Associate, Jeanie arms her clients with the right information to make smart, brand-based decisions. She is a creative thinker whose focus is simplifying data to tell a clear story.

Jeanie joined Sklar Wilton in 2010. Prior to this, she received a Master of International Business from Queen’s University where she spent time studying in Hong Kong and Beijing. A fan of the extracurricular, Jeanie participates in many and is skilled in few. Current roster includes squash, guitar and bad DIY art.

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Jennifer Roberts

As a Director on the Molson Coors business, working primarily on Molson Canadian Jennifer enjoys the challenges of helping grow a mature brand in a highly fragmented and dynamic market. This client affords her the opportunity to flex her strategic, insights and facilitation skills with a group of highly creative and smart individuals – and in a category she personally loves… Beer! The only down side is Jennifer has a hard time sitting for long periods of time, so if she isn’t grabbing the flip chart pen you will find her skiing, biking, running, or generally cajoling one of her three family members to come outside with her. They are thankful she has a dog.

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Jennifer Marley

As a Partner at SW&A, Jen has a dual focus – growing client businesses as well as growing SW&A by developing its people. A creative problem solver, Jen loves building things and discovering new territories. She enjoys facilitating ‘thorny challenge’ meetings and designing research to solve those challenges.

A true ‘Explorer’, Jen seeks adventure in the everyday – whether its biking in the country-side, snowshoeing on the Bruce Trail or exploring India. While her adventures have taken her around the globe, Jen truly believes her home-base of SW&A is a great place to work.

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Jonathan Mosel

Jonathan Mosel enjoys being part of the Purple Label™ team at SW&A. In his role as Research Director, Jonathan draws on 20 years of market research experience to help clients answer their strategic business questions.

Outside of work, Jonathan loves playing competitive ball hockey, despite the fact that Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists consider him a very loyal customer. However Jonathan has no immediate plans to retire from a sport that has recently taken him to tournaments in Las Vegas, Europe and the Carribbean.

When not playing and injuring himself, it is likely that Jonathan can still be found in an arena somewhere, with his wife Randi watching their son Cooper play nets.

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Katrina Harpell

As a Project Manager, Katrina enjoys the opportunity to hone her creative skills planning and executing work-sessions (read her blog series “Kat’s Kicks”!), as well as exercising her left-brain abilities keeping research projects running smoothly and keeping budgets on track. She sees the continuous opportunities to learn and the amazing people she works with as the two greatest benefits of working at SW&A.

A relocated Nova Scotian, Katrina has called Toronto her permanent home since 2000. She takes every opportunity she can to travel, enjoys cooking, is an avid reader, and spends much of her free time with friends and family.

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Laurie Thompson

Laurie came to SW&A in 2005 with a background in Consumer Insights gained from experience on the client and supplier sides of the business.

At SW&A, Laurie supports clients in a range of industries including Telecommunications, Hospitality, Retail, Homebuilding and Packaged Goods. In her role, she has used a range of decision making tools to help clients and in recent years, has developed a real love of facilitation in areas such as product innovation, brand & business strategy.

Laurie also works in the area of Associate recruitment. This is an enviable role; it allows her to meet lots of interesting people and to help shape SW&A’s unique culture.

Inspired by a recent SW&A onsite, Laurie has a vision of her perfect future: retracing her footsteps in Europe and making some new ones in Asia. As a practiced multi-tasker, she hopes to work in a few 5K races along the way and catch up on her reading in transit. Maybe she can work in some piano lessons along the way?

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Libier Gomez

As an Associate, Libier helps her clients focus on strategic thinking to grow their businesses. She is passionate about finding actionable business strategies to make positive things happen.

As long as she is equipped with warm clothing, she loves to have fun romping in the snow – skiing, skating, sledding and building snow men ….not bad for being a Mexican!

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Luke Sklar

As the founder of SW&A, Luke has spent 25 years working to create a place, where smart people can come to work and make a real difference in the lives of their clients. He embodies the SW&A mantra of helping others succeed and primarily does it by holding up a mirror to his and his clients business’ to get to the guts of the issue. Perhaps described as a workaholic, but he might tell you it’s not work at all. Luke brings a personality to the workplace that can’t be overlooked in terms of its impact on the SW&A culture, and he has managed to do this by building a company with no formal HR department for employees to complain to.

In his spare time, which his wife says isn’t enough, Luke can be seen watching Glee and Modern Family thanks to his wife and 3 lovely daughters.

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Manoj Raheja

As a Partner at SW&A Manoj likes to complain about how tough life can be talking about beer and donuts all day long. Life could only get worse if he somehow landed a Vegas hotel as his next client (oh how awful his life would be!). Somehow…someway he manages to find the fun of these categories and works hard to be a synthesizer, clarifier, and energizer in this data obese, 24/7, make-a-decision-yesterday world. He is proud to be a nurturer and grower of talent at SW&A and is equally thankful of what each Associate can teach him. Growing people, teams, and brands is the name of his game.

Along with his nonstop attempts to inject creative writing into his day to day job, Manoj enjoys travelling with his Wife, laughing with his nephews and nieces, sneaking off to see his mistresses the Toronto Raptors and Ottawa Senators, and wondering who could possibly have it tougher than him.

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Marina Laven

Marina’s expertise includes both qualitative and quantitative research techniques, with broad experience in various research fields from public relations to branding in various industries.

Marina’s particular strength and interest are in advanced analytics. Her statistical toolbox includes regression and correlation analysis, PCA, cluster analyses, correspondence analysis, mixed models, structural equation modeling, etc.

Prior for joining SW&A, Marina worked at Research Strategy Group (Toronto), a full-service market research company, and before that was a leading analyst for the Foundation for Economic and Social Research (Russia) and teaching at Volgograd State University.

Marina earned a Ph.D. in History/Political Science in 2004 (Russian Academy of Science). In 2007, Marina completed the Marketing Management program at Humber Business School.

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Melanie Hollingsworth

Melanie is thrilled to call SW&A her daily hangout, because it feels more like that than a stuffy corporate office. Working with Mars Food and Confectionary is the perfect fit for her as they combine her passion and curiosity for uncovering and transforming human insights into impact, and her passion for food, especially chocolate! To help balance out this love of food, Melanie keeps busy running and spinning and is always planning her next race with the NY marathon being the next on the list. Incidentally she’s also one of the most popular people at SW&A, thanks to the Mars Chocolate team who provide her free samples!

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Meredith Square

For over 6 years Meredith and her big hair have worked at SW&A as both a Project Manager & Office Services Coordinator. She could easily be a Georgia-peach, loves a strong martini, brunch, strolls on the boardwalk, boot camp and aspires to replace that Italian Queen as Mrs. Clooney one day…and of course, world peace.

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Meredith Morino

Meredith is SW&A’s qualitative research moderator. This means she spends a lot of time talking to lots of people on a wide variety of interesting topics. In this role, she’s pretty close to fulfilling a childhood ambition of being a talk show host! Meredith brings a creative, passionate, common-sense approach to her work and an organizational rigor to everything she does. This allows her to expertly uncover great insights for clients and present them in a simple, impactful way. A longtime SW&Aer (12 years!), Meredith has had the pleasure of working on many businesses from consumer packaged goods to retail. Meredith also uncovers interesting insights about parenthood as she is busy with her 2 children. If not moderating or child-rearing, Meredith spends time travelling, drinking wine and enjoying her fitness routine.

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Michael D’Abramo

As a Director, Mike has a background in all forms of research, ranging from traditional qualitative and quantitative to emerging approaches like social media, predictive markets and cultural / semiotic analysis. Mike is always focused on the challenge of finding the best methodology to solve client challenges. He enjoys turning research into a relevant narrative that clients can act upon. Mike joined Sklar Wilton in 2016. Prior to joining the team, Mike worked at Youthography and Fresh Squeezed Ideas where he contributed to the winning of 3 MRIA Best-In-Class Research Awards. As an enthusiast in all aspects of popular culture, Mike serves as the trivia quizmaster at his local pub and hopes to one day replace Alex Trebek as the host of “Jeopardy!”.

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Nancy Palmer

As a Director, Nancy focuses on problem solving and enjoys collaborating with others to help develop business opportunities. She thoroughly enjoys being part of the Mars Pet care team.

Nancy joined SW&A in 2007 after working extensively in Marketing and Sales. Nancy enjoys the outdoors and new travel experiences. Although sometimes a bit accident prone, Nancy is always up for the next adventure.

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Patrick O’Kell

Between skiing and computer programming Patrick enjoys his work at SW&A as a Research Associate. Through his client support responsibilities and his role as a researcher, his job is to apply his knowledge and understanding of human psychology and behaviour to deliver deep insights into the consumer mindset. As someone who combines his passions with his work with his life interests, it’s not surprising that after having built a robot to retrieve beer from the fridge for himself, Patrick now finds himself working predominantly on projects for Molson Coors Canada.

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Paul Dalton

Paul Dalton is a Project Manager at SW&A, but if you ask the Molson team that he supports – they might tell you he’s the CMO (Chief Magician Officer). That’s because Paul often has to pull off some magic to make sure the Molson team is properly supported and able to help their clients succeed.

In his spare time, Paul likes to pull quarters out his daughter’s ear…and when he’s in trouble with the wife – make himself disappear.

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Sakshi Upadhyay

Sakshi brings a killer combination of exceptional analytical skills and undying passion for marketing. Although her roots are in the data, her head is always in the creative clouds looking for a unique perspective or a creative solution to a challenging problem. She is an expert in finding the story buried in the data and leveraging those insights to create impactful strategies. Previously she worked as a systems engineer at Infosys and just completed her MBA with a double major in marketing and strategy which included an internship as an assistant brand manager. She is driven by a desire to learn continuously and try new things as is illustrated in what she’s tried in the past few months including archery, paintball and rock climbing. Next up is skydiving. She also loves to relax with drinks post-work (hopefully beer!) and her interests including kick boxing and dancing so she’ll have lots to offer during movement breaks!

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Sarah Liverance

As a Partner, Sarah is our Engagement Champion focused on people development initiatives as well as the financial health and smooth operations of SW&A. Her passion for helping each one of us succeed is at the core of her commitment to creating an even more special culture. She balances her internal focus with leadership of some of our smaller client portfolios along with our internal research team, Purple Label.

Outside the office, Sarah is usually…outside. She loves hiking, running, skiing, canoeing, and just about anything to do with animals. She knows lots about shiba inus (google that for fun).

Before launching her marketing career, Sarah was an officer in the US Air Force designing next generation surveillance satellites. She still has strong family ties in the US but is proud to be a Canadian.

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Sarah Major

As a Director on Molson Coors Canada, previously working with the Cara business, and before that a Director of Marketing at the LCBO – one things is clear: Sarah Major picks her categories well! Sarah prides herself on trying to pull off better balancing acts than Cirque de Soleil; She balances having process and organizational structure for everything while also breaking through protocols and conventions by bringing creativity to everything she does. Sarah is passionate about social media and also prides herself on her work with our visual communications and storytelling team. Sarah is also a fan of balance in her spare time, she enjoys working out and completed her first triathlon recently. She also loves being artistic through decorating, cooking, entertaining and photography. Her favourite way to spend down time is cuddling with her dog Lily.

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Sarah Whitty

A Project Coordinator at SW&A, Sarah provides her various client teams with the support needed make great decisions for their brands. Always willing to lend a helping hand, Sarah enjoys gaining new experiences and learning new things.

Sarah joined SW&A 2013 after completing a B.Comm Degree and working with BlackBerry Inc. for 3 years. She is passionate about travelling, having done an exchange in both Cuba and a semester abroad in Malaysia. She also loves reading and scanning Netflix for new movies.

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Susan Sealey

Susan Sealey joined Sklar Wilton five years ago. She has over 20 years of experience in market research, specializing in both qualitative and quantitative research reporting. Susan’s expertise in creating presentations, incorporating images and animation to conceptually illustrate data has been honed through various projects within the public, broader public and private sectors.

Susan has advanced MS Office skills in addition to demonstrated project management skills as well as database creation and management skills. Susan is a member of the Market Research Intelligence Association (MRIA).

SW&A has a great working environment with the diversity of interesting and truly talented people!

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Tasman Richardson

Tasman Richardson comes to SW&A from the lonesome, shifty world of freelance graphic design where for 5 years he serviced businesses that did everything from electronic signatures for the military to European commercial real-estate. Prior to being a jack of all design trades to those that shall not be named, Tasman worked in a paradise called DWL and produced everything from three dimensional weather proofed signs to high-tech software packaging. This charmed existence ended after 6 years when DWL was acquired by IBM. He served his new masters for 3 years and then decided to make a run of it on his own. Which brings us back to freelance, and finally, his new home at SW&A where he is pleased to fill the role of Corporate Storyteller (a.k.a. presentation specialist and general graphic go to person). He shares this responsibility with the other exceptionally talented resident Corporate Storyteller at SW&A. Outside of work Tasman is a video artist, globe trotter, film snob, and martial arts enthusiast.

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Tracey McKenna

As a Project Coordinator for SW&A, Tracey utilizes her organization and problem-solving skills to support the client teams. She is a pro-active team member who is eager to help where possible, and who loves learning and applying new concepts. In her spare time, Tracey enjoys swimming and running, and is working towards finishing a marathon.