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Everything is Marketing – Brands as the World’s Greatest Waiter

Lessons on earning that 20% tip.
By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson
Inspired by Gloria’s blog… Read more » about great service in restaurants we got to talking about how a server is


Everything is Marketing – A Kardashian and the Out of Stock Theory

Lessons from Kim Kardashian on driving up demand
By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar
The entertainment world is nearly stroking out over the fact that we may see, for the… Read more »


Everything is Marketing – What a Year!

The Top 12 Lessons from our Blog
By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar
Shortest Celebrity Marriages of 2011! Top 10 Reasons Lindsay Lohan Couldn’t Stay Out of Jail! Gaga’s Best… Read more »

Brand Strategy 3

Everything is Marketing – Ditch the Cheap Date

Lesson for Marketers on how to find something meaningful and motivating to say.
By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson
Sure, we’ve covered Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen and Rebecca Black… Read more »


Everything is Marketing – The Democratization of Fame

Lessons on building a brand with passion and purpose.
By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson
Two words:  Rebecca Black.
If you need a refresher here’s a link to her video… Read more »