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Judge or Coach – Take Your Pick

The difference between judging talent, and coaching it.
By Sarah Liverance
My name is Sarah and I’m a talent junkie. There it is. I’ve confessed.
I religiously watch American Idol… Read more »


Behind the Shelf – The ‘User’ versus The ‘Chooser’

A blog series on Shopper Marketing
By Cyndi Pyburn
The potential of shopper marketing is rooted in its focus on gathering insights about consumers when they are in the shopping… Read more »


Behind the Shelf – ‘Tips and Trips’ for Better Shopper Marketing

A new blog series on Shopper Marketing.
By Cyndi Pyburn
There’s a lot being said about shopper marketing these days. It seems that every trade magazine, webinar and vendor discussion… Read more »

Engaging the Organization 1

Learn to Walk With Beggars and Kings

Good thoughts on being a “trusted adviser”.
Click HERE… Read more » to read the full article from The New York Times, published March 2011.

Engaging the Organization 3

The Power of 32 – SW+A’s Internal Culture

By Jennifer Marley

Check out this short video to find out about the SW+A 32 and how it helps us help our clients.… Read more »