Our Core Services

We bring clarity to business challenges and help our clients make fact-based decisions. Our collaborative process leverages three core capabilities: strategy, insight and facilitation.

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With a focus on clarity, we provide strategic counsel for a broad range of clients. Because we work across so many industries, we can bring fresh perspectives to business challenges which range from advising on day-to-day marketing activities, to developing large and long-term strategic initiatives.

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We manage consumer insights on behalf of many clients. A focus on problem definition ensures research is targeted and efficient. We tailor the methodology and design an approach best suited for the challenge. Our high impact reports often triangulate consumer research with other data sources to tell a holistic story.

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We act as objective facilitators, asking courageous questions and acting as the third voice in challenging situations. Our deep client knowledge positions us well to ensure sessions have the focus and depth to clearly define problems, identify root causes and develop solutions that galvanize teams and drive action.

Our Supporting Services

Our core capabilities are supported by a rich suite of supporting services - custom research, big data analytics and storytelling.

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Purple Label™ Research

Purple Label™ Research is SW&A’s in-house research team. This group of talented professionals designs and executes superior quantitative and qualitative projects. When it is the right answer for our client, our team of associates engages Purple Label as the research supplier to deliver clear and actionable insights for excellent value.

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Sklar Wilton Analytics

Sklar Wilton Analytics is designed to deliver exponential returns on your data investment. This team makes big data seem small by creating and automating dashboards with high visual impact. They also run big data experiments using sophisticated software to mine data for the purpose of exploratory data analysis (EDA), confirmatory data analysis (CD), or qualitative data analysis (QDA).

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Sklar Wilton Storytelling

Sklar Wilton’s Storytelling ensures that presentations are clear and engaging. Standard information is transformed into persuasive, visually impactful presentations using graphic design, visual communications and sometimes infographics or video. By weaving imagery with tight messaging, complex data and information are presented in a way that is clear and impactful.

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We apply Insights, Facilitation and Strategy to help clients make smarter business decisions.
Our Blogs, Tools and Case Studies provide tips, tricks and fresh perspectives on addressing the challenges of today’s marketplace. Read through our latest content for helpful hints on overcoming the marketing challenges your brand is facing today.

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