Smart growth starts with the ‘who’
before defining the ‘how’.

Old business models are being disrupted, reinvented and turned on their heads in today’s ever-evolving market. We help our clients identify responsible growth opportunities by deeply understanding their target customer and the world they live in.

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Identifying Growth Opportunities

A deep understanding of the primary target group is required to define the right growth strategy. Whether a new product launch or acquisition, we help our clients select opportunities that build competitive advantage by pairing their unique strengths with the unmet needs of their target.

How might we deliver this? We design and execute complex segmentation studies and work with key stakeholders to create a clear action plan on how to win with the right target group.

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Translating Macro Trends into Business Action

We define a macro trend as a pattern that is empirical, unstoppable and actionable. Working across CPG, food service, retail, banking, hospitality and telecommunications equips us to uniquely recognize and help our clients respond to the macro trends impacting industries.

How might we deliver this? We develop customized macro and micro trends presentations specific to our clients’ industries. We often use these to fuel creative thinking in a worksession or to complement a custom research study.

Given important differences between industry and company, we customize our approach to each client. Take a look at one of our related case studies to find out how we’ve done it in the past.


A Winning Playbook

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Helping Sport Chek identify who to win with

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